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“Mobile phones harbor 18 times more bacteria than a flush handle in a typical men’s bathroom.”
- The Sacramento Bee, Oct 2010

“If you’re sharing the device, then you’re sharing your influenza with someone else who touches it.”
- Timothy Julian, PhD, Stanford University


WipeCoin is the combination of a case with a microfiber-coated “coin” for cleaning mobile phone touchscreens. The coin can be clipped off the case for wiping the screen clean. After cleaning the screen, the coin can be clipped back into the case. Our first product line of WipeCoin cases and coins for iPhone 4 is in the pipeline.

The wipecoin mechanism and product design are protected by patents DE202010008392 and DE202009002049. If you are interested in production and sales partnership and/or joint venture, please drop us an email ([email protected]) and get in touch with us!

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